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by JayBorn
06 Jan 2021, 15:04
Forum: Firmware
Topic: Dinobot 4k+ [31-12-2020] UPDATE
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Dinobot 4k+ [31-12-2020] UPDATE

Firmware update for Dinobot 4k+:

-IPTV improvements
-Overall stability

-Normal: ... c13_hDXMdA
-Full: ... 9VD-adALrw
by JayBorn
15 Apr 2020, 21:37
Forum: Firmware
Topic: U5 Series firmware update [13.01.2020]
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Re: U5 Series firmware update [13.01.2020]

U5 Series firmware update [13.01.2020] ATV7 firmware update content 1. Uninstall Netflix applications due to Netflix copyright issues. 2. Regulate Widevine DRM L1 to L3 down. 3. What's wrong with the game. 4. Fixed issue where wave cannot play DRM video. 5. U5PVR Slim / Deluxe mouse mode added. (U5...
by JayBorn
23 May 2018, 16:04
Forum: Firmware
Topic: Android/Debian U5pvr update 20180517
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Re: Android/Debian U5pvr update 20180517

Guys, the Integrated Chromecast goes in crash in my phone when i try to send a YouTube streaming. Why? Any ideas how to resolve it?