Box crashes completely when installing several apps.

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Box crashes completely when installing several apps.

Post by MerlinElMago » Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:35 pm

Dear developers,
my box completely crashes whenever running several apps from the play store. When I install kodi, it kind of works. If I install any third party plugins, such as a new skin, the box crashes completely loosing ALL of it's channels data and any setting I happen to have configured. Even worse behaves the Spotify client. Upon launch the box hangs, crashes and then reboots, showing the same behaviour as in the previous example, reverting back to factory settings. This makes me absolutely unable to install anything from the play store. Again, a complete show stopper.

The box has a big potential, but it is these things that makes it look and feel like "beta" software. Considering the cost of close to 100$ I was better off with a Raspberry Pi, running the software much more stable at a third of the cost.

It can't be that if the box crashes, it looses all setting, this is just a no go, and I urge you to currect these glitches.

Best regards

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