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U5 PVR Deluxe/Slim/Nomral
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11 Jul 2017, 03:26

Ready BlueTooth Remote

Finally, we are ready BT Voice Remote for U5PVR models


1. Power: Box power on / off
2. Settings: Button for initial Bluetooth pairing:
          Press the button for about 5 seconds in the BT setting menu and the white LED will blink. This is the entry of the Bluetooth pairing mode,
         At this time, if you select OK in U5 Remote item in the setting menu, pairing will be done.
3. Home button: Home button for moving to Android home.
4. 123: Virtual key for LIVE TV app.
         1)Press the 123 button on the external app to go directly to the LIVE TV app.
         2)Press the 123 button in the LIVE TV app to activate the virtual remote control button.
         The various buttons on the remote control are operated by the software key like below photo.
5. Center Up / Down / Left / Right / OK key: This button is used for channel switching, movement and selection.
6. Back button: This button is used to go back and exit..
7. Menu button: The bar with three bars is the menu button.
8. Volume +/- button: Volume control button.
9. Microphone button: Used for microphone input.
                  Currently, it is linked with the leanback launcher's Search button.
                  Search button After selecting, press again to listen to the voice and convert it into letters.
                  If you have a voice search function such as Youtube, go to voice search button and press OK button.
when icon is changed like Red color, press voice button and talk will work. (This is same like Official Android TV)

Screen capture of virtual key.
After selecting the virtual keypad, you can also use the numeric keys and the key buttons of the existing IR remote via the up and down keys .
(this virtual keypad is currently only available in the LIVETV app)

In addition to this, we will link the voice search function demo YouTube video(Demonstrated by Korean).

Click to watch

We hope that you will be able to use a variety of remote controls if you move to Android 7 like Google Assistant.
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11 Jul 2017, 22:25

great news, cannot wait to grab mine !
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14 Jul 2017, 10:10

On the way to you now.
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16 Aug 2017, 10:29

The voice command is not suitable for me, I see tv at night I would wake up the whole family!
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