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U5 PVR Deluxe/Slim/Nomral
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07 Nov 2017, 20:54

Ok guys, like me, everybody was confuse about misleading news, so i need to clarify some points, first of all the support for the u5 deluxe didn't stop and the development is going huge, enigma 2 is going to happen and in various flavors....
One the android side the final release of android 7.0 is almost ready, after that the support will be different and will be a lot better, second point, the dinobot SE 4k on the dinobot website is not ready for sale, they will fix the info to not confuse people.
One my side i will do my best to inform the user on the news and try to help who needs.
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07 Nov 2017, 21:55

Thanks for keeping us informed, at least is something... I hope to see more news and more support zoon...

but still thanks
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07 Nov 2017, 22:39

we are in good hands, thank you very much.
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08 Nov 2017, 02:13

Nice one

08 Nov 2017, 11:49

Finally I made registration to this forum. :lol:

Box is pretty nice for my expectations but I have some issue.
I have got already with Android 7 on board. I installed Linux part.
But sometimes it is stuck... just like that and only help is to push reboot button.

I know it is only BETA version of Android 7 but still... box should behaves like that?

Thanks @Adricool for keeping us informed. Till now I thought that dream-team of u5pvr just leave us alone.
Hope it will change in close future. :D
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