U5PVR Linux Firmware 180204 update

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<Android Over Linux LOGO>
It's unofficial.

<Changes in this version>
1. Package update (include PlexServer)

2. hostname error patch

3. Now you can check Linux Firmware Version on "Welcome Message"


4. Version Check command now checks /linux.prop


5. Add UUID mount function


Please use external USB Stick to update Linux.
after update, Your data will be gone, Please!! Backup Linux Firmware.

External Linux installation files
http://u5pvr.djjproject.com/%5B7.x%5Dex ... 180204.zip

Built-in Linux installation files
http://u5pvr.djjproject.com/%5B7.x%5Dli ... 180204.zip

this firmware will be applied to OTA soon.


- Built-in package update (including Plex)
- Host name error patch
- Check version information in welcome message
- Fix version check command
- Added uuid mount function

- Edit the default account as shown below.

SSH: root / androidoverlinux
TVH: admin / androidoverlinux
Torrent: admin / androidoverlinux
FTP: admin / androidoverlinux

- Fix the lack of external firmware Cache partition

- Change Full name of Linux firmware name 'AndroidOverLinux'
- Edit the default account as shown below.

SSH: root / root
TVH: admin / admin
Torrent: admin / admin
FTP: admin / admin

- Fixed rebooting of Linux firmware when Android is rebooted.
- Simplified external firmware installation process
- Add umount-disk / android-shell command
- Welcome message patch
- Full release for ATV7

- Fixed errors related to /run/ lock

- Beta release for ATV7
- Added version information check
- Many other fixes

- Added minidlna and shairport as default packages
- Mount the /run folder as tmpfs

<170600, 170500, 170400>
- Package updates and compatibility improvements
- External firmware release
- Troubleshooting systemd issues
- Reboot, halt, shutdown integration with Android
- Many other fixes

- Initial production of Linux firmware for U5PVR
- Built-in TVH / FFMPEG / FTP
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