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U5PVR Linux Firmware 180204 update

Posted: 06 Feb 2018, 02:02
by djj9405
<Android Over Linux LOGO>
It's unofficial.

<Changes in this version>
1. Package update (include PlexServer)

2. hostname error patch

3. Now you can check Linux Firmware Version on "Welcome Message"


4. Version Check command now checks /linux.prop


5. Add UUID mount function


Please use external USB Stick to update Linux.
after update, Your data will be gone, Please!! Backup Linux Firmware.

External Linux installation files ...

Built-in Linux installation files ...

this firmware will be applied to OTA soon.


- Built-in package update (including Plex)
- Host name error patch
- Check version information in welcome message
- Fix version check command
- Added uuid mount function

- Edit the default account as shown below.

SSH: root / androidoverlinux
TVH: admin / androidoverlinux
Torrent: admin / androidoverlinux
FTP: admin / androidoverlinux

- Fix the lack of external firmware Cache partition

- Change Full name of Linux firmware name 'AndroidOverLinux'
- Edit the default account as shown below.

SSH: root / root
TVH: admin / admin
Torrent: admin / admin
FTP: admin / admin

- Fixed rebooting of Linux firmware when Android is rebooted.
- Simplified external firmware installation process
- Add umount-disk / android-shell command
- Welcome message patch
- Full release for ATV7

- Fixed errors related to /run/ lock

- Beta release for ATV7
- Added version information check
- Many other fixes

- Added minidlna and shairport as default packages
- Mount the /run folder as tmpfs

<170600, 170500, 170400>
- Package updates and compatibility improvements
- External firmware release
- Troubleshooting systemd issues
- Reboot, halt, shutdown integration with Android
- Many other fixes

- Initial production of Linux firmware for U5PVR
- Built-in TVH / FFMPEG / FTP