next update with android 7 and libreelec(kodi)

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next update with android 7 and libreelec(kodi)

Post by DannyPTY » Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:39 am

I know you all have been busy lately trying to bring a stable update for our box, so I was thinking that this could be an option in order to distribute the resources this box has in a better way....

1st. I would put as first bootable option: android 7 with Enigma 2 running from within like an app, just like we have now, what concerns me more here is that with Enigma 2, we will lose the ability to view powervu channels without using Stream Relay which is a pain in butt to configure.

2nd. Since we have already Debian running we can also have Libreelec or Openelec to sync with Tvh#1 or TVh#2 as second bootable option which for me makes a lot more sense since both option either libreleec or openelec already have sort out a lot of bug by them self and will safe you team a lot of time as well, they are also an open source community so you all are going to win in both way and since they are based on kodi the sync with thv it'll be more smooth.

just my 5 cent here....


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