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Run 2 OSCAM on a U5PVR or Remove OSCAM completely from the box??

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:22 am
by DannyPTY
As you all know our OSCAM is useless for powervu now since there is no way possible for us to update MyXcas but it works good if you try to use it to connect to another box or server however as we all know we can install 2 version of OSCAM in this box.

so this is my question, how do I share a softcam.key from another oscam? is there a tutorial?, I'm want to make it work as if the u5pvr is connecting to an iks server but instead to a local server working just with the softcam.key

we have been having several updates recently and now MyXcas is totally useless, hash mode [3] and [6] were implemented so now I can't no longer see Tv just IPTV.