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13 Jun 2017, 09:14

It seems that there is an easy-to-use app on Android TV, so I want to write an introduction.

If you write an article from overseas users.

"Everyone for the love of God do not Install ES File Explorer – seriously its the worst File Explorer App for Android TV period.
ATV Nvidia Shield owners have had all sort of headaches with that App getting its tentacles into everything.
Use X-Plore instead"

It's Google Play. Fine "X-Plore" and install it.

File X-plore Feaures.

1. Support LAN, FTP, Webstorage like Google Driver, DLNA file manager
2. App manager.
3. WIFI file sharing.
4. Support Send Anyware, Picasa Albums
5. Easy to use by Remote.



It is much better than ES File Explorer to use by RCU.
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