U5Mini Android 8 (ATV8) Alpha FW Simple Review

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14 Sep 2018, 16:13

Hello ? It's EddyLab.

I have informed you that ATV8 and ATV9 support is available for U5 set top.

U5 set-top Android TV OS upgrade scheduled

U5Mini ATV8 Alpha version review video that is being tested internally
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont ... Sg_Pv8I5YM

ATV8 Alpha Version Initial test Comments

1. U5Mini ATV8 Alpha version of the system boot speed faster than before.

2. The completeness of the ATV8 alpha version is high enough to be practicable.

3. U5Mini BT remote control reaction speed is improved dramatically.

4. ATV8 kernel version: 4.9 version As the
kernel version sharply increases, synergy with Android system is improved.

5. HDR: HLG option added (operation not confirmed)

6. Netflix: Test OK
Confirm resolution using Netflix Test Patterns

Confirm Netflix video playback by connecting U5Mini HDMI directly to the display. 7. Amazon Prime Video: Added (behavior not confirmed)

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