New Android Critical Update Dated 08.10.2018

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09 Oct 2018, 16:17

This update is rated Critical Update for action under the link information.

# U5 internal memory data storage is known as a symptom of the difference between Full

Accordingly modifying and updating the information below.

1. Remove chrome cast features
The internal memory storage of data has been verified to confirm the results chrome cast conflicts with respect to symptoms car to Full.
In order to cast a Chrome uses the authentication key to have a current U5 has been identified as that in the process of exhausting all the internal data storage error message regarding certified products yiraseo not received the official Google authentication key.
Accordingly it removes the chrome cast function.

2. localized media center.
For localized media center please refer to the contents of Latter 03.28 Beta firmware link below.

# U5PVR 09.28 Beta Firmware reviews

· Firmware Download Links

Full Version: update after factory reset (all the information your apps and settings on an existing installation will be reset).

Normal version (without updating the existing factory reset. You can use the Settings app and content installed as it is.)

# U5PVR Deluxe (Deluxe)

· Full version: ...

· Normal Version: ...

# U5PVR Slim (Slim)

· Full version: ...

· Normal Version: ...

# U5Mini (PVR & OTT integrated firmware)

· Full version: ...

· Normal Version: ...
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