U5PVR Android FW - 2018.05.11

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11 May 2018, 10:56

Thanks Eddy Lab...

"[*][*]U5 PVR New May 11 release new software.

Please check the revised details below.

Problem correction history.

1. Fixed issue where subtitle stroke font does not come out smoothly (Media Center / HiFileManager is applied at the same time).

- After upgrading, the white font and background stroke are changed to black, and the default font size is set to 36.


2. Fixed a problem where EMMC memory space is 100% due to increase of chrome cast log when the box is not turned off for a long time.

3. Support EPG processing in Naver Mini PC cafe. (Korea Only)

- Since EPG data is parsed according to the channel name, the channel name must be same as the original channel name to process the EPG data.

- # EXTM3U url-tvg = "http: //-------------/xmltv.xml" refresh = "3600"

- Yes) EPG reflesh time support 3600 seconds: every hour.

- If you have a lot of data, we recommend 3600 * 12 for 12 hours.

4. Restricting external access through the ADB port through the router or directly.

- Prevent installation of harmful apps such as Bitcoin Miner.

- If the screen is blinking during IPTV viewing and the IPTV app is restarted, please upgrade to Full Version with this version.

- ADB port limit (only supports 192.168.x.x)

Added functionality.

1. Add IPTV app function

- Support trick mode function such as FF / REW / Pause / Play when watching VOD files such as file links.

- Display the channel number LED when changing IPTV channel.

- Sound track support.

- Display channel source screen resolution.

- IPTV app supports auto-run mode at boot time.


- Channel number support via tvh-chnum tag in M3U file.

2. Apply the official version of Magic Mind.

- The manual has been modified to English version.

- Replace with U5's dedicated app.

3. Linux TVH EPG support available.

U5PVR Deluxe

Full Version: http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/ ... update.zip

Normal Version: http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/ ... update.zip

U5PVR Slim

Full Version : http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/ ... update.zip

Normal Version: http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/ ... update.zip

The U5 PVR family supports the Android TV 7 OS,

Since this version, U5team are going to develop to support Android 8.

We are working on the Android 7 version for continued support, so please continue to use and test your feedback.

And U5 Mini products will be delayed production at the end of this month due to production delays.
Also U5 SBC products will be ready.

As soon as production is completed, we will release the product through our homepage.

Thank you."

https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/fold ... DeV6lBUAm7
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